Can Destinations Inspire a Future Travel Renaissance By Embracing DEI And Safety Reassurance? - Shared screen with speaker view
Ed Salvato (he/him)
HI Eva, trio, zoe
Ed Salvato (he/him)
Sophia Hyder Hock
Hi everyone! My name is Sophia Hyder Hock, I work on DEI strategies and training for the travel industry via my own company, Papilia. Please feel free to connect with me as well! https://www.linkedin.com/in/sophiahyder/
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Welcome Sophia!!
Eva Mossberg
LOVE Barbados!! Lived there for 4 months a looong time ago :)
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Yes @CW ….
Immacula Paul
Hello Everyone.. I am Immacula Paul Owner of Cellars International Realty a full service Real Estate Acquisition company. You can connect with me on https://www.linkedin.com/company/cellars-international-realty and https://www.linkedin/in/cellarsinternationalrealty , I am in Miami, Fl Glad to be here
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Hi paul
Immacula Paul
Its Immacula. I am a woman
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Hello gakuo
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Hi Immacula
Alison Gross
Hi All, I’m Alison Gross, I’m a global strategic advisor, based in NYC, providing expertise on reputation, brand positioning and marketing. My company is Daintree Advisory. Please connect here for more… (what I do is hard to put into an elevator pitch). https://www.linkedin.com/in/alison-daintree-gross/
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Hi alison
J. Grant Caplan
GeoSure gives a map for the mobile phone that shows where not to go for LGBTQ and women, etc.
Lauren von Stackelburg
The importance of inclusive marketing - read more here: https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/future-of-marketing/management-and-culture/diversity-and-inclusion/thought-leadership-marketing-diversity-inclusion/"We learned that people are more likely to consider, or even purchase, a product after seeing an ad they think is diverse or inclusive (in reference to the 12 categories discussed in this study). In fact, 64% of those surveyed said they took some sort of action after seeing an ad that they considered to be diverse or inclusive.1 This percentage is higher among specific consumer groups including Latinx+ (85%), Black (79%), Asian/Pacific Islander (79%), LGBTQ (85%), millennial (77%), and teen (76%) consumers."
Lauren von Stackelburg
Travellers with Disabilities deep dive - read more here:https://www.expediagroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Breaking-Barriers-to-Travel-Report.pdf"Untapped spending power: The‘Purple Pound’ refers to the spendingpower of people with disabilities, theirfamilies, friends and companions.Within the US, this figure equatesto $490 billion per annum.7 Withinthe UK, the Purple Pound currentlyequates to £249 billion per annum.8Open Doors Organization recentlyfound that travelers with disabilitieshave taken a total of 81 million tripsover the last two years and spent $58.7billion on travel (2018-19). This spendincreased from $34.6 billion in 2015.""Customer retention: Companieswithout a strong inclusive culture risklosing out on new customers. In theUK, Purple found that 3 in 4 peoplewith disabilities and their familieshave stopped supporting businessesciting poor accessibility and / or poorcustomer service."
Ed Salvato (he/him)
Thanks @lauren
Carlita Kelly
I’m in numerous black traveler Facebook groups where these questions are asked daily. You’re absolutely right!
Ed Salvato (he/him)
Thanks @Mary Keating!!
Ed Salvato (he/him)
Thanks Tony! Lucy is terrific
Lauren von Stackelburg
For the question about Black travellers and wanting to see more data/research, please feel free to join Expedia and Black Travel Alliance at an event on Friday 11 Dec: https://gettingtoknowtheblacktraveler.splashthat.com/
Eva Mossberg
As it relates to this conversation, I’d like to share the invitation to the official launch party of RISE Travel Institute tomorrow at 5pm EST. We are a new non-profit and we inspire responsible, impactful, sustainable and ethical travel through education. The link to register is right here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/rise-travel-institute-virtual-launch-party-registration-126813076325 I hope you can make it!
Tony Martin
Great job panelists! Lots of learning and things to consider.
Immacula Paul
thank you for the information. great panelist
Haley Woods
This has been a great panel - thank you to the panelists for their time and added appreciation to AIG / GeoSure for hosting!
Eva Mossberg
Super insightful and engaging conversation. Many thanks!
Kimberley Person
Thank you GeoSure and AIG for hosting - awesome panel and conversation!