NYU Center for Disability Studies | Screening and Discussion: Vision Portraits (Rodney Evans, 2019) - Shared screen with speaker view - Recording 1/2
Emily Lim Rogers (she/her)
We’re pleased to offer CART and ASL today (thanks to our access workers!). Please access CART by going to the bottom navigation panel and turning on “Closed Captioning.”Panelists will turn off video when not speaking, so it’s easier to see the interpreters and a simpler layout.
Emily Lim Rogers (she/her)
We’ve got our interpreters showing in gallery view; there shouldn’t be a need to pin them. However, there may be issues with viewing the interpreters and captions simultaneously.
Emily Lim Rogers (she/her)
You can adjust the size of captions in Settings. You can also click and drag the captions to different parts of your Zoom window.
Emily Lim Rogers (she/her)
If you have any other questions, feel free to chat me! Matt Webb will give more details / access notes for the film itself.
Matthew Webb
Film Link: https://disabilitystudies.nyu.edu/vision/