NYU Center for Disability Studies | Deafness and Hearing in the History of Science - Shared screen with speaker view
Emily Rogers
Apologies — the access message did not go out to all attendees! Here’s what we read about access during this webinar at the beginning of the event:
Emily Rogers
Hey folks, thanks for coming! I’m Emily Lim Rogers (she/they), assistant for the Center.We are now turning on public chat, as we’ve been informed that it no longer interferes with screenreaders (but please let us know if you find this isn’t the case!). We’ll also do verbal description of any images during the presentations.
Emily Rogers
Panelists will turn off video when not speaking, so it’s easier to see the interpreters and a simpler layout.We’re pleased to offer CART and ASL today (thanks to our access workers!). Please access CART by going to the bottom navigation panel and turning on “Closed Captioning.”We’ve got our interpreters showing in gallery view; there shouldn’t be a need to pin them. However, there may be issues with viewing the interpreters and captions simultaneously. If you experience this, try adjusting the dimensions/size of the Zoom window (on desktop—usually a “narrower,” more square than rectangular window will place the captions below the speakers). You can also adjust the font size of the captions in settings. This will vary greatly according to your model of computer and operating system.
Emily Rogers
As stated on the event website, we do not recommend using a phone or tablet to access this webinar if you need ASL and CART simultaneously. Apologies for that — we have been unable to find a solution, but let us know if you have tips.Please message me (Emily) if you have any trouble with accessing this event, or have any other questions!
Emily Rogers
Public chat has now been turned on. Feel free to use this feature, and/or ask questions using Q&A!
Emily Rogers
Emily Rogers
Emily Rogers
Hello! Yes, the event will be posted to our website once the video is processed. Here is the link you can check:
Emily Rogers
Emily Rogers
Of course!
Kristie Schlauraff
Thank you!
Alex Steiner
the article mara mentioned: https://gizmodo.com/the-harvard-sentences-secretly-shaped-the-development-1689793568
Emily Rogers
Thank you Alex!
Darrin Martin
Thank you all for the wonderful panel. Looking forward to getting the books and diving in further. Thank you Alex for that article. I was having a hard time finding.
Emily Rogers